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Environmental, Social, Governance Report
See our vision for a human-centric, mission focused, technology-powered future.
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Professionally Qualified & Experienced Consultants
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Sahulat Ghar is Pakistan's leading online grocery store that provides groceries simultaneously at cash and credit as per your need.
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We All Sustain (WEAS)  provides advisory and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing future communities’ ability to meet their own needs It encourages people and the world to work together to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future.


WEAS’s mission is to make it easier for communities and businesses to learn about and act on their ideas by utilizing  innovative platform and services. 


We will live in a world with a healthy environment, high-quality education, equality, no poverty, sustainable cities and communities, clean energy for all, and zero emissions…


We wants to help our communities and the environment. We believe that when there is strength in our plans, we can achieve great things. That is the satisfaction we derive from initiating actions. 

Our Projects

Eco Friendly Homes

Sustainable sourcing is more than just environmentally friendly. WEAS is committed to working with suppliers who value their employees, providing internal training and promotions, and employing women in management positions.

Sustainable & Strategic Business Advisors

WEAS primarily collaborates with suppliers outside of the traditional China-centric sourcing model, allowing us to creatively meet our needs by leveraging various global markets.


WEAS has developed its own bespoke sourcing platform which allows our team to focus on the work that matters most servicing own client. Our Focus in on your sustainable success and growth. We do this through our experts and professionals.

Plastic Free & Biodegradable Products

At WEAS, we are committed to the safety of future generation. Bringing products to the market in our flight to reduce the carbon footprint and to remove harmful plastic from the world. All our products ranges are plastic free & biodegradable.